Flashy Leather Passport Covers for Those Who Love Style and Elegance

Passports are one of the essential documents that everyone carries while traveling cross border. Without a passport, one cannot imagine boarding any flights. Whether you are a regular tourist or travel purposely for businesses, the passport is a must-have document to carry along. After understanding the pivotal characteristics of the passport, we also need to make sure that we keep it safe and protected for every purpose. This issue can be looked after by buying a leather passport cover

Perfect Ingredients for Producing Passport Covers

A variety of leather passport covers online can be purchased these days from trusted online stores, without any hassle. These cases are made using high- quality premium PU leather with below-listed features: -

  • The leather surface is given a glossy and shiny finish.
  • The faux leather like this never wears, chip or tear off.
  • Printing on the cases is done with high-quality printing technology that embeds the print into the surface of leather passport cover.
  • The cases available in the different shades of browns and blues come with amazing and eye-catching designs, prints and patterns.
  • The proper finishing is giving by sewing the interior and exterior. These cushioned cases are multi-functional- it is also capable of holding ID cards, credit/debit cards, paper bills.

The cases are worth trying because they deliver trust and quality. They are comfortable for daily carrying or traveling purposes. Whether you are traveling or not, you can always store your essentials documents and ID cards in one place safely and securely.

Where to find your leather cover?

There are ample options online and offline but online stores are accessed widely because they made the purchase easy and convenient. 

These sites offering leather passport cover buy online options ensures premium quality product delivery at the doorstep, at the most reasonable prices.

Advantages of Carrying Passport Cases

  • The cases are travel-friendly- they can be easily fit or slip into your bags, purses or even backpacks.
  • They have many plastic pockets- which make it suitable for carrying all the other traveling essentials in one place.
  • Gives comfy traveling- they are made with precision and let you sit back and relax for your entire trip.
  • They are fashionable- with ample of different designs options you can opt for - marble look, gradient designs, fun cartoon, and even the quirky and inspirational quotes.
  • The main advantage of these leather cover is that they include two big slots for passport or boarding pass and other things such as currency notes and bills.
  • The other remaining two slots are for cards and two small pockets are comfortably used for storing sim cards, memory cards, etc. 

What makes them versatile?

The leather passport covers available online also make great gifting for both males and females. They make an excellent gift on special occasions like a birthday, anniversaries. Apart from that, we can also use them as corporate gifts for the employees.

Leather passport covers with customizing options are for those who love unique and sparking travel accessories.

These covers are beauty with storage.

Awesomeness Overloaded in Samsung Galaxy A51 Back Covers

Samsung smartphones are smart in all aspects. Galaxy A series was launched in March 2019 that comes in many different models with the price range of Rs19, 900. These smartphones are equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage that makes it an ideal device for storing all your selfies and videos. The screen of the A50 series is designed with high-resolution technology of 1080 x 2340 pixels. Apart from the amazing screen, A51 also clicks high-resolution pictures with its three rear cameras of 25 megapixels, 5 megapixels, and 8 megapixels resolutions. For selfie lovers, the phone provides a front camera of 25 megapixels.

This Samsung smartphone never fails to mesmerize its customers with its feature-loaded phones. However, it becomes buyers’ responsibility to give some extra care to your device by pairing it with good quality Samsung Galaxy A51 back cover

Benefits of Buying Cases and Covers

Nowadays, buying covers have become a necessity instead of luxury to protect our device's front and back look. So, it is always a wise decision to gift your smart friend a protective case. Samsung Galaxy A51 case is now so easy to find and purchase. Due to huge demand and popularity, both males and females love to add a unique touch to their device.

Variety in Cases Includes: -

  1. Hard cases
  • It is made up of high-quality polycarbonate material.
  • It is thin, light and durable that gives protection against any scratches and drops.
  • The case comes with raised lips on the sides, which offer extra protection to your device.
  • The high-quality printing is done on the surface of the case so that it never peels, chips or wear off.
  • The case edges are cut with precision which gives you full access to all side buttons.
  • The cases available amazing designs, prints and patterns that give you excellent holding grip with no sharp edges.
  1. Waterproof mobile case

This Samsung Galaxy A51 back cover is appropriate for gliding your device.

  • This case is fully transparent from the back and front.
  • It gives no disturbance in clicking pictures, picking up the call, or typing any messages.
  • This pouch is closed from all the angles.
  • It gives 360-degree protection to your device.
  • It is also multifunctional- provides different pockets to fit in all your essentials like credit cards, some cash.
  • It also gives a hand- free experience while driving, swimming, indoor and outdoor activities because it zips your smartphone from any dust, snow, sand, and water.
  • It comes with a comfortable neck strap.

Have Fun Time Shopping for Cases

It is always a pleasure shopping online for Samsung Galaxy A51 covers because they are available in a variety of different options and materials. Online stores not only provide the best quality but their gifting facility is a wonderful opportunity to make it a great gifting option for your family and loved ones also, which are perfect for any occasion and celebration.

With classy and youthful collection these online stores are flourishing and making shopping easy. They also provide us with a facility of customizing.

Why sweat and face the heat, when you can get your favorite product with just one click!

Buy, purchase and flaunt your style with the latest and trendy Samsung Galaxy A51 back covers.

A Brand-New Range of Honor 9X Cover for the Brave

Honor has established itself as a well-known name in the smartphone circuit today with its dependable features and world-class technology that make it an amazing investment. The 9x version is now on sale and has a variety of features that make it an amazing buy.

The Honor 9x has a bi-rear camera of two different megapixels, one of 48 and another one of 2. It also additionally carries a front camera of 16 megapixels. All this makes for an amazing photography experience for amateurs and experienced photographers alike.

Priced at 14,990 this model comes equipped with 64 GB internal storage that can be expanded to 512 GB using an external SD card. It has a 4 GB RAM and is run by a Kirin processor at its core. It runs on Android Pie and has a 4000mAh rechargeable battery.

With a seamless 6.59-inch screen with a pixel density of 391 ppi, the Honor 9x makes for the perfect smartphone experience under an affordable range. It is a dual-sim smartphone and is available in Magic Night Black, Charm Sea Blue and Red color variations.

Buy the Perfect Honor 9x Back Cover Case

In today's fast-paced world it has become very important to protect our smartphone. Our lifestyles have made our devices very vulnerable to all sorts of damage such as cracks, chips, and unwanted damage. That is when Honor 9x covers come into the picture. These are available in a range of varieties online at several portals and can be easily browsed to our heart's content.

These cases are made of several different durable materials that make for a protective environment for your smartphone. They are available in:

  • Polycarbonate: the new age plastic which is light-weight and extremely durable. It can be easily molded to provide a snug fit and is also customizable.
  • Silicone gel: the perfect encasing for your Honor 9x which provides water and dust resistance and all-round protection.
  • Leather covers: these provide a regal look to your phone and don’t spoil easily.

Additionally, all these covers provide perfect protection from pollution. They are water-resistant and thus protect the inside of your Honor 9x. They are also made uniquely to fit the Honor 9x with proper cut-outs for ports and buttons.

Buy an Honor 9x Cover with Added Benefits

These covers are available in various designs of intricate mandalas, floral and animal prints, camouflage prints and quirky thoughts and can be bought based on your will.

Furthermore, the unique polycarbonate blend can be easily customized to reflect the design you desire. For a little extra cost, several online portals customize your Honor 9x back cover with a design of your choice and then your phone cover can reflect who you are.

Several online companies also offer deals on their products and free delivery with several other coupons thrown into the mix. You can now make an informed decision and browse through several different websites and buy the perfect Honor 9x cover online.

Give Yourself a Better Start with Apple Watch Bands

A pinnacle in terms of smartwatches and quoted to be “close to perfection”, the smartwatch series by Apple is a product to behold. Another ingenious invention from the house of Apple, these smartwatches are stylish, compact, have amazing fitness features and can even perform the functions of your phone for a brief period of time. Apple’s newest launch cannot be competed with and is certainly the best in the business.

With an iconic design that is barely noticeable on your wrist and causes absolutely no hindrance to your daily routine, Apple watches are the perfect fitness companion for the fitness freaks and beginners alike. With features like:

  • Always on time
  • Background noise evaluation
  • Basic fitness tracking such as steps, calories, relaxation and even swimming, biking and yoga.
  • Continuous report of progress by storing data 
  • ECG monitoring

Additionally, it can also perform several features usually associated with smartphones such as playing music, making calls, replying to emails, checking the weather forecast and even operating as a camera shutter button. A device of such might is certainly a sight to behold and own. While the sleek and seamless square screen is in itself beautiful, what truly grabs the attention of everyone is the strap. Straps are known to exhibit your characters such as the serious fitness freak, or the camouflage army expert. Now you can choose from an array of 42mm apple watch straps available online on several sights.

Buy Apple Watch Bands Online

Buy Apple watch straps online that can help to seriously amp up the wow-factor of your new watch. There are several styles and materials you can choose from, such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Silicone rubber
  • Leather
  • Nylon woven
  • Nylon Velcro
  • Canvas leather
  • Sport
  • Camouflage
  • Denim

These bands are extremely useful in protecting your watch from untimely harm and provide an amazing aesthetic sense to your attire. With the advent of online shopping, these straps can now easily be bought online without any hassle of transport. You can browse through hundreds of unique designs, such as vintage prints or floral prints, from the comfort of your home. With several coupons up for grabs whether you opt for classic sport bands or designer leather straps, and free delivery has thrown into the mix, online shopping is the perfect solution to all your apple watch straps needs.

All the materials offer several incomparable advantages that make for a more user-friendly experience, such as:

Exclusive Airpods Case Cover That Is Unique Like Your Personality

When a mobile phone's accessory is from the brand Apple, it means designed with perfection technological masterpiece. The onus of protecting the same is on buyers as the accessory is not only costly but also delicate. A minor dent or crack would render it useless. Apple airpods is the mini machine by the Apple brand that is wireless ear-pods to be used with the Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iPod. Wirelessly connectable with the device, ear-pods come in a little box from the brand that fits airpods exactly. For charging ear-pods, users need not remove them from this box. In-ear ear-pods can be charged using wire or wirelessly from within the box. For this outer box of airpods, various airpods case covers are available in different types of textures on e-commerce portals. These covers not only offer distinct and eye-catching look to the case but also distribute and circulate the impact of accidental fall or bump on the entire case protecting airpods from potential damages. 

Ear-Pods Cases in Varieties of Textures

As different people have different preferences, airpods cases and covers are available in varieties of textures such as metallic TPU, hard glossy, denim, silicone, genuine leather, PU leather, plaid, and many more.

Different cases are available in different colors combinations and designs. Silicone cases are available in solid as well as double color combinations pattern so that for every different mood and environment, you have different case cover. Hard glossy cases have beautiful geometrical patterns. Plaid cases come with checkers and strips. And leather cases have construction styles in their various solid colors. 

What are the main functions of the airpods case?

Ear-pods case is a precisely-built little box that enables the easy and safe carrying of airpods. Ear-plugs case cover in different texture helps to add a bit of color and styling to the regular case. Also, it helps protect the box from various daily damages like scratches, scuffs, dents or cracks. The machine inside the box i.e.; Apple’s ear-plugs is so delicate that a minor fall or drop while commuting can mark crack/s on them and leave them useless. Premium quality airpods case cover fits on the box easily distributing and circulating the impact of accident bump besides adding to its beauty all at the same time.

Few leather airpods case comes with an attached carabineer that enables buckling to a belt's loop or any loop on bags. This means while commuting, ear-pods users don't have to carry the box in hand or inside the bag. They can keep their accessory safe at hand's distance. 

Simple and Classic Vs Glittery Cases

In-ear ear-pods users who have a preference for simple and classic accessory may opt for leather or silicone airpods cases. And those who have a lust for glittery objects can choose shimmery and glitter or hard glossy or metallic TPU pods cases. 

If you have funky instincts alive within you and want to experiment with the looks of your case opt for suitcase-style or cat paw or soda bubble-shaped silicon cases.

Priced reasonably choices are almost endless on mobile accessories sites in ear-pods cases and covers. 

Anti-Slip Lightweight Ear-Pods Cover

Anti-slip surface and lightweight profile of airpods case cover enhances grip on the box and protect it from damages. An attached loop with some of the pod's covers allows wearing case in finger to avoid slipping off.

Samsung Galaxy A30s Back Covers Are A Smarter Option for Super Device

Differentiate yourself and your Samsung Galaxy handset device buying differently designed Samsung Galaxy A30s back cover. The covers that come with full coverage on the corners provide extra safety to your handset and render it a completely different look without adding extra weight.

Well-Structured Galaxy A30s Case

To keep your device away from scratches and bumps, get readily available in designer motifs covers for Samsung Galaxy A30s device. Well-styled for protection and beauty enhancement, the polycarbonate back covers are great value for your money.

If you are a patron of designer prints and motifs on your gadgets cases and covers, you can log into the portals of any well-known e-commerce portal and you will be mesmerized with the range of theme prints available for the Samsung Galaxy A30s cases which foray into streams like: -

  • Relationship,
  • Dream catcher
  • Mandala,
  • Abstract
  • Trendy One-liner
  • Flowers
  • Checkers
  • Stripes
  • Animal
  • Skeleton
  • Shiva Mudra
  • Lord Buddha
  • Krishna
  • And many more

What are the types of cases and covers available for the Samsung Galaxy A30s handset?

A lot of varieties are available in Samsung Galaxy A30s covers in textures like soft silicone, polycarbonate, TPU, hard plastic, armor cases with a kickstand, leather covers, transparent silicone gel, and many others.

The most preferred kind of case is one that does not add extra bulk to the device and yet enhances its protection from daily damages such as scuffs, scratches, dents, and debris.

Leatherback covers are also trending mobile accessories online and offline markets these days. These serve as a great utility item as a back cover that doubles as a wallet for carrying some cards (debit card, credit card, ATM card, membership card, visiting card, metro card, ID card, etc.) and paper currency in them for easy commuting.

These cases come with reliable stitching and soft finishing with no sharp edges so that it enhances your personality and the style without burning a hole into your pocket.

Some prominent features of well-structured back cases that make them an ideal partner for Samsung Galaxy A30s handset are: -

1) Precise cutouts for the buttons, ports, microphone, camera and the speaker area to allow easy access to them

2) Easy to remove and install due to cool snap-fit styling and precise size

3) Grip enhancing texture that avoids accidental slipping off of the gadget

4) 100% compatibility with the regular headphone and the charge

5) Sides printed with the similar pattern of the Samsung Galaxy A30 s back covers

6) The facility of customized printing for a little extra cost

7) Raised lips on both the side's corners to offer enhanced screen protection against crack/s that can be earned on accidental fall or drop

The Facility of Gift-Wrapped Delivery

Many online portals are now offering the facility of gift-wrapped delivery of the cases and covers to the destination by levying little extra charges. Use the facility this festival season and on other special occasions to bestow love and affection on your associates, family, and friends. Shower them with the gift for their dear gadgets and be their reason for a big smile. 

The Samsung Galaxy A30s back covers are so reasonably priced on well-known e-commerce portals that you would never mind making a collection of cases.

Pay-Less to Buy More

Various discount coupons and schemes are floated by the online portals on the minimum amount purchase. So have the ease and fun of online buying with more shopping within the same budget.

Scroll through the pages of the only trustworthy and well-known e-commerce portals to get the premium quality Samsung Galaxy A30s back covers delivered at your doorstep. Remember brand matters a lot while choosing the correct accessory for your world's top mobile seller's handset model.

Eye Masks for Sound Sleep Anywhere

Get the most comfortable and soft eye masks available in stores near you that would help to get you sound sleep always. Just like any other usable item, the eye masks are also available on leading e-commerce portals in a variety of options in texture and designs.

Getting the eye mask which is comfortable to wear, skin-friendly, and made out of breathable material is very easy. These are available on online portals and you can put an order for the same to get them delivered at your doorstep.

Varieties of designer prints are available in these sleep eye mask to add to your style statement if you are traveling at night. The mask will soothe your eyes while you are sleeping or resting without causing any kind of skin irritation or allergy.

The washable material of the eye mask is perfect for all skin types including the delicate skin of kids.

How to adjust the band according to the head size?

No extra efforts have to be made for adjusting the eye mask size according to the head size. This mask comes with an attached elastic strap at the back which gets easily adjusted to the head size and does not pose any discomfort while sleeping. Also, the elastic strap does not let the mask move or fall off while sleeping

With the eye masks having an adjustable strap, have sound sleep in any posture. The mask will keep eyes protected from light and would not make you feel any compression on the head, eye, or eyelashes while sleeping.

Various Types of Textures Available in Eye Mask Online

As eye mask is quite an essential item for regular travellers, so these are very easily available online. Online eye masks are available in a variety of textures so that the buyer can get one which suits them the most. These are available in mulberry silk, plush material, nylon and other kinds of texture.

If you like gel-based eye masks, these are also available. The Aloe Gel-filled in cool mask provides relief to eyes and helps to minimize the dark circles formed around eyes. Before using them, put them into fridge's ice compartment for 15- 20 Minutes. The cool mask can thereafter be placed on eyes for 8- 10 minutes to smooth the eyeballs and remove puffiness.

But the life span of the gel-based mask is not very long as a minor hole can deflate them.

Uses of Eye Mask

 To have lightweight, comfortable, soft sleep mask choose from plush material masks or silk material masks which can be used in a bed, on a flight, or while camping to enjoy the sound and restful sleep. Mulberry silk and soft plush are the most recommended material for eyelids.

Use this skin-friendly mask at night or in flights or airport lounge. These are ideal for night shift executives and during silent meditation.

Designer Prints on Eye Masks

Variety of prints is available on these soft material eye masks so that choices are not limited for buyers. The size is free so that anyone can wear them.

Touching Lives with Rakhi Gifts Available Online

In the present day, any bond of love shared among people is not complete until and unless it is expressed through the exchange of gifts and presents.  Especially when it is the festival that celebrates the bonding between brother and sister, it is even the more important that love is expressed through unique gifts dedicated towards sibling’s love.  As the occasion symbolizes the eternal love of brother and sister relationship, people from every religion like Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Parse in India celebrates it. Rakhi gifts Online availability has lessened the burden of searching gifts in the physical markets.   

Women as A Gift Sender and Not A Recipient Alone

Earlier it was brothers who used to get gifts for their sisters along with the promise to protect them in every circumstance. But with the changing role of women in society, even sisters buy beautiful Rakhis along with unique Rakhi gifts for brothers on this special day.       

Enjoy Gifts Exchange Through Portals

Rakhis and the day's special gifts can be easily bought through online portals and their doorstep delivery is the icing on the cake. Those brothers or sisters who are living apart can now exchange unique gifts on this special day through E-Commerce portals. Well-known online sites provide the facility of gift-wrapped delivery to the destination for a variety of special day gifts they deal in. They charge a little extra cost for this service. Even if your brother or sister is miles apart the distance is no longer a barrier.       

The Facility of Customized Printing  

As the concept of the personalized product is rapidly gaining ground, get online Rakhi gifts too customized with the photographs, zodiac sign, name initial or any other favorite print. For this service, there are little extra charges. Both sisters and brothers can get unparallel gifts for their siblings that forays into almost every conceivable product range be it clothing, kitchen wares, Gadgets and accessories, fashion accessories like T-shirts, Tote bags, etc, eatables like dry fruit candies, sweets, chocolate, and many more.       

Listed below are some of the gifts available online for your special brother or sister: -

A Notebook water bottle (special Rakhi gift for sister with the amazing quote printed on it for her)      

  • Customized coffee mugs       
  • Travel makeup bags and toiletry cases      
  • PU soft leather File folders      
  • Mobile Covers with beautiful embedded personalized prints       
  • Laptop bags, sleeves, and cases       
  • 2020 Diaries       
  • Airpods cases       
  • Anti-theft backpacks      
  • Pencil cases, clipboard, pocket diaries, journals,       
  • Plush toys and Squishies      
  • Pillow covers      
  • Photo frames       
  • Leather zip wallets      
  • Apple watch bands      
  • Canvas Tote bags       
  • Eyewear and their cases      
  • Dry fruit gift hampers      
  • Grooming set (shaving kits) and many more      

Explore the Internet to Know More   

Internet is full of a variety of gift for the special Rakhi festival. Choose from the above-mentioned list of gifts or surf the online portal's pages for many more reasonably priced options. Surprise your beloved sibling with the best gift for them this Rakhi and also enjoy various discounts and coupon codes offered by portals.    

Combo Offers Available

A lot of Rakhi sets and gift combo offers are available online not only for brother and sister but also for bhabhi.  If you as a sister adore your brother, then your sister-in-law is no less deserving your love and care. Show this towards her and make your bond stronger with both of them for a lifetime.  Send Lumba and rakhi set for bhaiya-bhabhi online as a token of love this Raksha Bandhan along with gifts.      

Touch Lives

Be ready to touch each other's life this festival with rakhi gifts online. Make your sweet gestures and token of love memorable for the years to come. The items used by siblings in everyday life makes the best gifting option. So, avail the benefits of technology this festival season and get premium quality gifts for your loved ones.

Redmi K20 Pro Back Cover That Is Designed with The Workmanship

Xiaomi launched its new and best ever-classy smartphone in the market with the name of Redmi K20 Pro whose expected price would be around Rs.25, 290 for the base model. The phone would be having a 6.39-inch touch screen display with the resolution of 1080X2340 pixels. It is powered by a 2.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and gives you the wonderful gaming experience as it is pumped by 6GB of RAM. The color options in the device’s body that would be available in markets would be carbon black, glacier blue and flame red colors. This is going to be one of the gradient ranges launched by Xiaomi.  And the Redmi k20 Pro back covers are easily available, even before the launch of the device in India, on the online market places in plenty of options.

Pamper Your Device

Your newly bought phone deserves love and pampering by keeping it safe and sound for years to come against harmful elements like scratches, scrapes, scuffs, and cracks. So, for that purpose, the Redmi K20 Pro cover case is the best option that will make your device look overly smart without getting bulky or heavier than before.

To exhibit your love for device, these back covers made up of polycarbonate covers are available in plenty of color, theme and design options such as beard prints

•    Motivational quotes

•    God and goddess motifs

•    Floral prints

•    Zodiac signs

•    Names initials

•    Animal Prints

•    Occasional special prints such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, friendship day, Raksha Bandhan

•    Abstract prints and a lot more.

The couples who love their partners they can gift these beautifully crafted cases to their loved ones with heart, vibrant pink and red patterns and design which will definitely catch their eyes.

The Main Purpose of Lightweight Covers

The back covers are designed to make your phone scratch-free and prevent it from any minor harm or dents. The covers are a rave among teenagers and the office going crowd because they are the new popular trend among them. The Redmi k20 pro covers from well-known mobile accessories providing site come with inbuilt raised lips on the sides to protect the screen from earning cracks in case the device encounters accidental fall or bang. The texture of these cases is such that it enhances firm grip on the device avoiding accidental fall. The covers online are available in a variety of material and prints because a well-known e-commerce site tries to cater to every taste possible. The precise cut-outs allow easy access to all the ports, buttons, and speaker of the device.

Major Specifications of the Device

If we talk about the camera, Redmi K20 pro is a camera expert device which comes with rear packs a 48-megapixel primary camera, an 8-megapixel camera, and a third 13-megapixel camera.

•    The cameras are perfectly designed with autofocus feature.

•    If you are a selfie lover then buying this handset will be worth of its value because it gives you the experience of the 20-megapixel camera for selfies to enlighten your selfie game. So no more to extra filters, the k20 pro will the best ever and natural selfies.

•    This gadget packs 64 GB of in-built storage.

•  Additionally, and more attractively the phone includes accelerometer, ambient light sensor, compass/magnetometer, gyroscope, and proximity and fingerprint sensors.

•    Now, you also get the face to unlock to ensure your privacy.

Is there any other kind of cases available besides polycarbonate back covers?

Apart from hard cases, the PU leather soft cases are also available with the multi-pockets for making your traveling easy by allotting pocket to keep your cards, cash or coins while traveling in metro, cars, trains, flights. These soft leather cases are popular amongst those who search for many benefits in one product. They are usually available in the tan, brown and the chocolate brown color.

The other category available is flip covers to give your phone a 100% protection from fall down or minor accident. Flip covers are one of the safe options because it protects the screen and perfect cut with clean shaved edges make the phone comfortable to use. These flip covers are the way to reflect your personality. Those who love to carry a simple and elegant look they can find covers available in the solid colors. Even the transparent Redmi k20 Pro back covers in silicone material are one of the great options to look for. The silicone covers make sure to flaunt your phone and highlight your phone branding.

Best, Durable and Lightweight Back Covers

The Redmi k20 pro back covers available online are made with the fine polycarbonate material to make them durable and lightweight. Even customization option is also available at the pocket-friendly price for those who believe in making their device’s look unique and sparkly. The covers will be available at your doorstep if you are making an online purchase. If you can also get a chance to avail the discount and amazing offers that will make your deal dreamier.

What are you waiting for grab your laptops or mobile and start filling your cart with your personal favourite covers!

Asus Zenfone 6 Back Covers Featuring Stylish and Combining Elegance

Asus, the Taiwanese electronics giant it is set to plunge its flagship smartphone that is Asus Zenfone 6 in June 2019.  The device is going to be the heir of the popular Zenfone 5z series. The Zenfone 6 edition will be offered in matte black color only. The company launches its phone with the tag 'Defy Ordinary'. The screen will be 16.26cm (6.4) sporting nano edge display with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for protecting the screen from any harsh damage or scratch. It is claiming to have the world's first flip, controllable and motorized camera that shoots the impossible angles. The main camera is 48 megapixels with flagship Sony sensor IMX568 and a secondary camera of 13-megapixels that capture ultra-wide pictures. Compliment the camera phone with its designer Asus Zenfone 6 back covers structured with perfection for the device.

Have A Peek into Other Prominent Features of the Device?

The phone is equipped with 5000 mAH battery with quick charge 4.0 that ensures worry-free battery life between charges. The device would not die working nonstop for up to two days. The phone is designed in such a way to exceed the customers’ expectations.  It claims to outlive the ordinary gadgets' league. The Asus Zenfone 6 is smoother, lighter, and faster. In terms of hardware, the phone is coming with the speed that will blow you away! It is shipped with fastest Snapdragon 855 processor. The RAM is up to 8GB and ROM up to 256 GB. Asus is a brand with a good reputation in electronics, as well as mobiles and laptops, its upcoming products will be something better than the previous version.

Make A Perfect Pair for Your Pal (Asus Zenfone 6)

Nowadays owning smart-phones is a big deal. Taking care of it is crucial at every step, from day one of its acquisition. Therefore, buying expensive feature phones is not the last thing that entices buyer but its care and protection are also mandatory. The smartphones are made with finespun part and even a single fall down can chip off the screen or damage the device. Because of this, there is an urgent need to protect your valuable smartphones. Nowadays the stylish back covers are designed for the stylish handsets to protect them from any external damage. You can find an endless number of designer mobile cases which are made up of polycarbonate material. Even before the launch of the device in India, Asus Zenfone 6 cases are available on well-known mobile accessories provider sites. So, be protection ready for the device with cases which will enhance its look and render an advanced level of protection against scratches, scrapes or cracks.

What is the role of mobile covers?

•    The back covers give kind of support that prevents your phone from any scratches.

•    These have unique and high-quality resolution designer printing done on them.

•    The prints are permanently embedded in the case.

•    The sides of the cases are also printed that avoided any kind of chipping or peeling.

•    The variety not only caters the punkers and design lovers but also those entice those who are into solid colors for an elegant and simple look.

•    Apart from making the device look great, these Asus Zenfone 6 back covers mask something that protects your phone every time it falls.

•    The covers are fully compatible with regular headset and charger.

•    There are raised lips on sides of cases ensuring that the screen doesn’t hit the hard surface in case it encounters accidental fall.

Featured Cases

The Asus Zenfone 6 covers available are amazingly designed, are comfortable and enhances excellent grip. The phones covers are available in a variety of patterns, meaningful quotes, and millennial lingos. The list does not end with these options as there are a lot in the basket; the Mandala designs, fruit designs, floral patterns, funky animals’ designs, abstract designs, and beard designs, girl design, sports. You name it; you get it at your doorstep!

The Facility of Customized Printing

The most interesting thing is that nowadays people are more into customizing their mobile covers for giving it a unique and personal touch. The back covers are the trendsetters for the college crowd as well as for the working. People inclination towards online shopping has made easy for the buyer to select their favorite covers according to their moods and preferences without loitering across different shops. The good news is that various online sites provide the facility to its customers to develop their customized back covers by paying little extra bucks.

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